Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Air planes- have you ever ridden in an air plane before because  my dad and I  went to the Islands last year in 2010. It was fun on the airplane. My dad 
brought me noodles and cola and they were yummy . I wanted to stay on the  plane but I had to get off at the end.
If you ever go on an air plane don't forget to but your belt on  Have a nice trip if you ever go on a airplane.


It is almost  Christmas  time when we but presents under the Christmas tree. Christmas is a special day to cerebrate Juese Christ when he was born. Some people  go to church and some don't. Who cares?  It's Christmas. It's is a time for loving and peace.Some people believe in Santa and some don't.Merry Xmas everyone and have a happy new year.