Thursday, 23 May 2013


 Newspaper's help you find out what is happening everyday. Newspaper stand for  news on a paper. When it on a newspaper you can carry it around show it to people. The newspaper has news that is writing on it. You read it some people just look at pithers  The best place to look at pitchers is on a magazine but magazine carry out rumers about famous people so my advise to you don't become famous or even just picking your nose will be all over a magazine. Magazine have fashion tips on it. But back to newspaper news paper was invented way back in the 80s or 90s.. I found out that in the olden days when they cant't find. Somebody bad or missing they just print it on the newspaper and boom found.. 90 pacent of  people where found with just a paper that has writhing on it...


The game of NRL has rules and you have to follow the rules and if you don't.Then your not playing you will yellow card the yellow means you will set out for 5 or 10 minutes. The red card means you will be sent out for whole game and even maybe 4 games in the season. The rules keep you save there's rules about under the nipples tackle. Only one man strip and only 6 tackles per team. So have fun playing NRL follow the rules and pick your favourite team. I prefer Rabbitohs but it up to you..  

The Boston Marathon Bomp

The Boston marathon was a day that the people in Boston will never forget. It was just a normal day at the marathon. Thousands of people were in at the marathon. At the end marathon two dump and stupid boys had planted a bomb soon as the first man hit the line the explosion happened many people ran and some people stayed to help the ones that lost there legs brain damage. I GIVE A BIG THANK'S TO DOES HOW HELPED THAT HELPED  THE INJURED PEOPLE... Cheers

Tread light caravan

Following our 'Tread Lightly Caravan' experience the students of Room 7 decided to make a pledge. Change begins with one step in the right direction......we will all make a difference to save our planet Earth.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Biking Skills

On Thursday room 7 and room 10 went for biking lessons with two biking experts, Mr Jarvie and his Assistant. They came from a company called Bigfoot Adventures. Our lesson began in the classroom and it all about helmet safety.  Each one of got a helmet. My one was a shiny black with bright red trim and flame stickers. It had an adjustable lining which we were shown how to tighten or loosen depending upon the size of our head.  We learnt how to check our bike before leaving the room for the court area. I felt my pulse racing and thought that I was lucky to have this awesome opportunity.

We had partners and mine was Tino. We both smiled and looked around at Mr Jarvie.  We grabbed our bikes as they were unhooked from a big shiny trailer. Me and my partner had a green bike. It was as bright as a new leaf in spring. Well I had my own bike because there were sabre bikes. We got straight to the lesson. First we practised to zig zag between colourful plastic cones which dotted the dull grey concrete like an eye catching display and then it got hard the cones got smaller. We practised that upto morning tea.  After morning tea. We practised signs we learnt stop left right and had ten minutes free ride. I felt the cool wind blowing across my cheeks and in my dark brown hair. It was a great way to practise bike safety skills. A big THANK YOU to Bigfoot Adventures!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


On Thursday two classes from Glenbrae school went to stardom as part of our learning. I was in philip’s group with five classmates.We left on a green bus  we got there and the first thing we went to see was the auditorium  room. We saw inside the human body as part of our programme. It felt like we were on a journey travelling through inside the human body. We saw the tiny arteries and nervous system including how the heart pumped blood. We also saw astronaut building ship and matariki. The astronaut had to practise under the water.
It was in 3d it was fun inside the stardome auditorium. During the show i felt like I was spinning around in my comfortable seat.

Mr Andrew who ran the programme and was the Commentator as well warned us about motion
sickness and dizziness.   .We were sent out to go and look at all sots of space stuff.After we looked at all of the stuff outside we went inside to this room where we learned even more. We watched another movie but this time it was not in 3d. We watched real astronaut in a real rocketship. We learned that being an astronaut is a risk between life and death. We learnt how to brush your teeth is a space and how to use the restroom. We learnt that to be an astronaut you had to be really fit you had to train every single day. After that we returned back to that bus and back to school.

Monday, 15 April 2013

My poem

Today we had a task to write our own poem. My poem was about a stunt plane and a dirt bike. Enjoy.

The Man in the Sky

Up so high in the sky a stunt man does his super  fly.
He is up so high in the sky saying hi to the the people that are making kai.
Including the kids  that are flying their kites.
. He does  a backflip and lands on his backside.

He  rides so fast on the dirt bike
he goes up on ramps and down trails where people hike
he does a curve, a swiss and turns so quick
he rolls and swerves and turns to pick
a bunch of flowers for a pretty chick
he rides so firm, he rides so fast
the loop is over and he can rest at last

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Digital footbrint

We have been learning about cyber smart . Where it is about been safe on the internet. We had to do a digital footprint where in ten years time if our teacher searched up our name what would it come up with. My digital footprint was a famous rugby layer winning the rugby world cup. We have learnt heaps of stuff.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


LI: To use adjectives
SC: I Have used adjectives to describe. Today in swimming we had instructors it was fun. First we started with a board and the instructors tested us and put us into groups. I was in group three after our test we got out of the water and wait for other kids to be tested. We did kicking and that all. I did because it got too cold and. I went and changed.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Life Caravan

  LI: To use adjectives
SC: I Have used adjectives to describe. Life Caravan is a program to help kids learn how their body works. How to to help kids make  make choices. They also have a very special person named Harold he is a giraffe. This week we learned  how our body parts work we where split in to groups of fours. Our group had the lungs. After reading facts about the lungs because there was a paper in the kite and  toy lungs and in our group we had one reporter and two doctors. When the teacher said it was time to tell one fact about what body part they got. I was the reporter when is was our turn I was the reporter I told a fact and. The two doctors did what they did but the lungs in to the toy person. We had finished it was fun.