Thursday, 14 February 2013


LI: To use adjectives
SC: I Have used adjectives to describe. Today in swimming we had instructors it was fun. First we started with a board and the instructors tested us and put us into groups. I was in group three after our test we got out of the water and wait for other kids to be tested. We did kicking and that all. I did because it got too cold and. I went and changed.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Life Caravan

  LI: To use adjectives
SC: I Have used adjectives to describe. Life Caravan is a program to help kids learn how their body works. How to to help kids make  make choices. They also have a very special person named Harold he is a giraffe. This week we learned  how our body parts work we where split in to groups of fours. Our group had the lungs. After reading facts about the lungs because there was a paper in the kite and  toy lungs and in our group we had one reporter and two doctors. When the teacher said it was time to tell one fact about what body part they got. I was the reporter when is was our turn I was the reporter I told a fact and. The two doctors did what they did but the lungs in to the toy person. We had finished it was fun.