Monday, 15 April 2013

My poem

Today we had a task to write our own poem. My poem was about a stunt plane and a dirt bike. Enjoy.

The Man in the Sky

Up so high in the sky a stunt man does his super  fly.
He is up so high in the sky saying hi to the the people that are making kai.
Including the kids  that are flying their kites.
. He does  a backflip and lands on his backside.

He  rides so fast on the dirt bike
he goes up on ramps and down trails where people hike
he does a curve, a swiss and turns so quick
he rolls and swerves and turns to pick
a bunch of flowers for a pretty chick
he rides so firm, he rides so fast
the loop is over and he can rest at last

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Digital footbrint

We have been learning about cyber smart . Where it is about been safe on the internet. We had to do a digital footprint where in ten years time if our teacher searched up our name what would it come up with. My digital footprint was a famous rugby layer winning the rugby world cup. We have learnt heaps of stuff.