Friday, 23 November 2012

Transformers Suits

Have you ever wanted to meet the autobots well stop dreaming and start buying. Drew Bearumier and Grid autobot created the transformers suit it took them 50 hours it comes with boots helmet. The vehicles can go up to 10/15 km/ph they are about to make a toy store to buy this suit. But you will need alot of money to buy this suit it will be around like something 1,800$. This suit will be coming out around Christmas.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Eako math

Today I have been on eako maths. I have achieved. A farmer's job on eako maths is a very good site but you have to sign up so when you want to be the smartest kid in your school just go on the eakomaths and ask your parents before you sign up  it has problem solving and basic facts. I am proud of what. I have done I hope to do more and I hope you do the best.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Guy Fwaks

Every November the 5th  people in NZ and England  celebrate that the king James the 1 survived the plan by Mr Fawkes. His name was Guy Fawkes. He did not like the king and neither did some of his mates. So he and his mates sent barrels with gunpowder inside under the big palace where the king the prime minister and all of other important people were going to meet and that day was November the 5th.  Guy Fawkes almost blew up the palace but one of Mr Fawkes friends went and told the king he would save his life. So the king gave him some gold and then he told what Guy Fawkes was planning. Before Guy Fawkes could light the fire the guards caught him and he was burnt.