Friday, 31 August 2012


Painting is a nice and calming thing. Some people make really cool looking kinds of paint. Sometimes painting can take a lot of time but when you have finished your painting it will be all worth it. Painting can also calm you down and get you focused. It is also fun painting and you paint anything you like. I love painting or art. If any one judges how your work looks and there's some words you don't like, who cares? You like your work and that's what makes it pretty.

Fathers day

Fathers day is coming up so better get a present for dad.I know what  I'm getting for fathers day for my dad.What are you?. Fathers day is a happy day for fathers. Its a day when we give our presents to them for their hard work through the year. So give your father the best father's he has ever had. I give you a tip for what your fathers might want. If your father is a fishing kind of dad get him a new sharp hook. Well that all I've got but happy Fathers Day.


Milk is a drink that you can drink or use to make a cup of tea. Milk is produced  by cows. Here is fact  about cows- they have five stomachs and
 cow's heart weighs about 5lbs and pumps 400 pints of blood through the udder to produce 1 pint of milk. That means nearly 10,000 pints of blood are pumped through a cow's udder daily to produce 3 gallons of milk. I know if you have read this blog your think that "I will never want to drink milk ever in my life".

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tiger famliy

Tiger family  are so cute together but there is a time the mother has to leave her babies. Sometimes it may look like the parents are biting them but that's their way of holding their babies.
This image looks happy but in real life some people are so mean that they kill the tigers and turn their fury skin into the warm jackets or cloth. So next time you feel like buying a jacket remember the tigers.


Umbrellas keep you dry on a rainy day. You also use it on sunny day when it is hot. With out umbrellas we would be running around with our jackets on our heads on a rainy day and on sunny day you would have your t shirt on your head with water all over it so thank you umbrella for keeping us dry every where but not in the house.

The iron man

He has a head that is shaped like a dustbin. The iron man has round, shiny and hard eyes that are like car head lamps. He has iron fingers that are jointed to his body His body is like a hard rock that has been handcrafted. He has iron ears that are that same as his feet and body. He has big jaws that are joined to his iron head. He is a shiny funny looking giant. He looks so big that planes can't fly over it. Iron man has a big body that is very tough and fireproof.


The moon is  so close you can almost touch it. The moon is like a shiny hard rock. The moon has no gravity so you can not walk on the ground like on earth. When you're on the moon, instead of walking, you  bounce like you're a bouncy ball going up and down. Well have you  ever seeing a astronaut on a TV  or on the net? They wear big clothes with these helmets - well the t helmets are worn to keep the air inside  because on the moon there is no air. That's why no body lives there.

Fairy tales

What are fairy tales? Well fairy tales are stories that have being made up for example mermaids -they are not real. The people made those stories up to interest us.
See now people have written stories like that they are really really smart.Thanks to those people who made up these sories. They keeps us busy reading.There are also stories from drama movies to entertain us like Harry Potter and the book about Justin Beiber. I like reading books do you?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Stop the clock

Kia ora everybody I am in maths. We have a our time table here. I have scored ten seconds I will give you a hint how to play the game. First you have put the digital clock on the ticking clock I like making blogs about what I do from school.Do you? Please comment on my blog if you beat ten seconds.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tell the time

Welcome everyone today I have been on tell the time I'll tell you a little bit about what I have been doing on maths time.I had to guess what time you walk the dog and the time I go to school.You have to guess the clock there are also digital.There are images to.But the best part about this is that you have learnt how to tell the time.That why it is called tell the time.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Yes! I just fished doing my learning about sound's and I haven't told you the best part yet.I like learning about sound's.Do you? well I do you can tell by just reading my blog post.I learned new thing's about sound' and I will start with.Sound creates mood and sound creates film's and story.There be all sot's of sound like horror sound's comedy sound's don't forget sad sound's.There are even joyful sound's that my favourite one.Now it is time for the best part about
this game.You get a certificate hooray for if you get have fun learning about sound's.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Fraction flags

Welcome back to my fraction flag blog. How are you doing on fraction flags? I hope you had fun. I just finished doing another one. I have divided my flag in half. I hope you enjoy your game.  I am going to divide my flag into quarters next.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stop the clock

My learning intention was to read the time on an analogue clock and match it correctly to the digital time. I'm pleased with how I did. What do you think?
I was on 'Stop the Clock'. 'Stop the Clock' game is where you have to put the right time on the digital clock on the time that comes up.Your aim is to get the digital clock before time runs out. Please comment on my blog and tell me how you think you did.