Monday, 20 May 2013

Biking Skills

On Thursday room 7 and room 10 went for biking lessons with two biking experts, Mr Jarvie and his Assistant. They came from a company called Bigfoot Adventures. Our lesson began in the classroom and it all about helmet safety.  Each one of got a helmet. My one was a shiny black with bright red trim and flame stickers. It had an adjustable lining which we were shown how to tighten or loosen depending upon the size of our head.  We learnt how to check our bike before leaving the room for the court area. I felt my pulse racing and thought that I was lucky to have this awesome opportunity.

We had partners and mine was Tino. We both smiled and looked around at Mr Jarvie.  We grabbed our bikes as they were unhooked from a big shiny trailer. Me and my partner had a green bike. It was as bright as a new leaf in spring. Well I had my own bike because there were sabre bikes. We got straight to the lesson. First we practised to zig zag between colourful plastic cones which dotted the dull grey concrete like an eye catching display and then it got hard the cones got smaller. We practised that upto morning tea.  After morning tea. We practised signs we learnt stop left right and had ten minutes free ride. I felt the cool wind blowing across my cheeks and in my dark brown hair. It was a great way to practise bike safety skills. A big THANK YOU to Bigfoot Adventures!

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