Tuesday, 14 May 2013


On Thursday two classes from Glenbrae school went to stardom as part of our learning. I was in philip’s group with five classmates.We left on a green bus  we got there and the first thing we went to see was the auditorium  room. We saw inside the human body as part of our programme. It felt like we were on a journey travelling through inside the human body. We saw the tiny arteries and nervous system including how the heart pumped blood. We also saw astronaut building ship and matariki. The astronaut had to practise under the water.
It was in 3d it was fun inside the stardome auditorium. During the show i felt like I was spinning around in my comfortable seat.

Mr Andrew who ran the programme and was the Commentator as well warned us about motion
sickness and dizziness.   .We were sent out to go and look at all sots of space stuff.After we looked at all of the stuff outside we went inside to this room where we learned even more. We watched another movie but this time it was not in 3d. We watched real astronaut in a real rocketship. We learned that being an astronaut is a risk between life and death. We learnt how to brush your teeth is a space and how to use the restroom. We learnt that to be an astronaut you had to be really fit you had to train every single day. After that we returned back to that bus and back to school.

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